“art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” 

- pablo picasso

what we do

we make NOTsoap - we make art!

we only choose natures best and freshest ingredients to manufacture the products, that will make your everyday life a little bit more luxurious...


all our NOTsoaps are limited edition, which means, they will be available in small batches and only until sold out, then they're gone, baby!*

this gives us the opportunity and joy to be creative, to develop new formulas and designs and prevents us from getting bored with our job.**

for you it means, you'll have the chance to brag about your amazing NOTsoap, that none of your friends can get (so who's the fancy one now, victoria?!).




enjoy your time at thisisNOTsoap.com!






NOTsoap gifts and favors

*we do save our formulas (somewhere in a dark basement), so if you fall in love with one of our NOTsoaps and ask really really nicely, you can probably place a custom order.

**that's never gonna happen, since we just have the best job in the world!!!